Listen to the Schubert, please

5:34 Schubert D. 960, Mitsuko Uchida: return of theme 1 – distant, no top, pedaled, like bells in the distance [Do press the link for the full experience]

Every time I heard it, I would stop. I would feel the ringing, warm and round, as it traveled through the open air, through the square buildings, through the grid-locked roads, to reach me. The resonance would hold me; in those moments I would be nothing more than a creature locked in a spell – and yet, not locked, nor frozen, for the magic that came upon me was one of grace and vastness. I would climb atop my table to reach my screen-less, double-doored window, hoping to be a little closer, to catch the sound in my hands. It seemed to speak of a thousand years of human stories, or perhaps, it seemed to know of those innumerable stories, to have witnessed them from its great height. I would stay that way, perched on the window sill, hands pressing against the frame, willing myself to stay – to stay with the sound and stay with the magic.

When the tolling stopped, the familiar sounds of cars and wind and humans would return. And yet, the echoes lingered, in my ears and in the air. Maybe it will linger long enough, travel far enough, all the way back to Canada, or wherever I go.


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